Distributing video documentaries on native platforms can help marketers drive engagement

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January 15, 2020, 4:50 PM UTC

Brands can embed video documentaries on websites to decrease bounce rates and enhance search rankings.

This piece recommends marketers should optimise their video documentaries for primary and secondary distribution channels to effectively promote their products through a storytelling approach. Leveraging attractive images for thumbnails and adding subtitles can help brands optimise their content and attract viewers.

Creating a playlist for video documentaries and adding relevant keywords in the video titles can further help marketers optimise them for native platforms like YouTube. While distributing content, brands should promote their video documentaries on other social platforms and embed them for better search ranking.

Marketers can generate engagement on video documentaries by creating events like Q&A sessions on Facebook. By creating entertaining and educational content, businesses can effectively connect with their target audiences.

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