Brands should evangelise their category POV to set de facto standards

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January 15, 2020, 1:25 AM UTC

This will drive word-of-mouth and prospects will start echoing the brand’s POV.

This article argues that most marketers “play safe”, and therefore, their marketing plans are “predictable, uncreative and uninspired”. The author proposes new ways of creating, reviewing and updating marketing plans. First, marketers must determine if their plan enables them to dominate a giant category that matters.

He adds that “legendary leaders market the category, not the brand”, as categories are about customers, whereas brands are about companies. CEOs should ensure they “evangelise” their category POV and develop big footprints to create a sense of inevitability amongst their target audience.

They should define their owned media strategy, ensure their website communicates their POV and experiment with new copies across platforms. When it comes to generating leads, brands should try to dominate digitally and make radical, attention-grabbing offers.

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