Leverage data points like CRM and search data for better insights into customer journey

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January 14, 2020, 1:25 AM UTC

The piece provides that 70% of customers “feel closer” to a brand because of content marketing.

This article shares the fundamentals of creating an efficient content strategy. Firstly, to plan content, companies must select an upcoming marketing initiative, highlight the quantitative business goal, intended audience and the competitive context for that initiative.

They must treat the business objective statement as a guideline for each of the marketing initiatives. Using data points like CRM, search data, website traffic and social listening can provide insights on customer journey, targetable characteristics, customer’s needs and desires.

Sharing the content strategy within an organisation can drive alignment across the company. The author suggests documenting the content strategy to be able to communicate content’s importance across departments. Further, it can improve engagement levels and build better alignment around customers and marketing priorities.

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