Implementing a skyscraper technique allows brands to build quality backlinks effectively

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January 14, 2020, 4:42 PM UTC

The skyscraper link-building method involves brands recreating and updating previously popular content.

Marketers can enhance their backlinks and improve their SEO by targeting responsive and popular websites for content re-modulation.  Brands can collate quality backlinks by looking out for blogs and sites that are relevant to them and recreate their content.

Once marketers have found websites and blogs relevant to their topic of interest, they can create a list of distributors that want to backlink with. The author suggests brands should recreate their content from scratch with engaging visuals and relevant pointers from the original content rather than merely copying it.

Sharing the recreated content on social media channels can help marketers gather social proof and create an “initial buzz”. Brands should than email the selected distribution partners, asking them to backlink to their content.

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