Brand messages must be cohesive, compelling and creative to propel purchases

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January 14, 2020, 6:13 AM UTC

Only garnering views may not ensure brand impact.

This article states that marketers confuse “clicks and listens” with buying. The author argues that garnering views needn’t translate into “brand impact”, where the message affects the brand image and perception.

He adds that brand value is derived from “customers’ perceptions about the total brand experience relative to its total cost”. As per Kantar’s report, only 25% of 2019’s Cannes Lion award-winning ads provided actual brand impact, but did not “effectively generate brand sales”. Kantar says that this is a “sign of declining advertising effectiveness”.

The author states that without a cohesive, compelling and attention-grabbing brand message, ads won’t propel purchases. According to him, marketers are focusing on the wrong measurements. Though knowing customers’ opinions, interests and habits is essential, it isn’t enough to endure profitable growth.

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