Among Gen Z in the US, Google, Netflix, Amazon are most trusted brands

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January 14, 2020, 9:45 AM UTC

The average brand trust rating is +10 for Gen Z, in comparison to +21 for millennials.

This article cites a report by Morning Consult’s Brand Intelligence which found that Americans largely don’t trust institutions and brands. Amazon (38.8%) and Google (37.9%) were identified as most trusted brands by the survey respondents.

The survey revealed that only 2% of the most trusted 100 businesses were established in 2001 or later. Gen Z trust the “newer” brands more. Google at 47.1% is the most trusted brand for Gen Z, with Netflix following at 47%.

Amazon comes in at 46.6% and YouTube at 41.9%. For millennials, Google is the most trusted brand. The report also revealed that for Gen Z consumers, the average brand trust rating was +10 and +21 for millennials.

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