Adding a human touch to market research allows marketers to glean actionable insights for businesses

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January 14, 2020, 1:34 PM UTC

A good research design that incorporates tech tools can help brands effectively understand their consumers.

While technology has allowed marketers to gather and analyse data effectively, understanding consumers at a personal level can help gather actionable insights. Businesses should combine Big Data with qualitative research to effectively connect the “What” and the “Why” and create a convincing narrative.

Qualitative research can further help brands link data sources, glean real-time insights and predict possible outcomes. Adopting advanced tools and technology assists brands in gathering actionable insights across multiple levels and facilitate decision making with greater agility.

The author suggests that marketers should be flexible and provide contextual data to assist in informed decision making. By focusing on values sought out by clients and constantly tweaking critical strategies, marketers can offer informed foresight.

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