Western brands trying to penetrate the Chinese market must focus on building trust

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January 13, 2020, 7:06 AM UTC

In China, dedicated communities exist which act as trusted marketplaces for different products.

The author argues that western brands should be wary of applying western rules to the Chinese landscape. This is because “massive Chinese ecommerce occasions” are actively promoted by local ecommerce platforms and their communities, not by brands running promotions.

It is imperative for western marketers to understand that trust is a crucial motivating factor for the Chinese while experimenting with a new brand. Unlike the UK or US, where people research and assess the validity of new brands, the Chinese rely on personal recommendations by family and friends.

The growing influence of trusted advisers and middlemen, along with emergence of “sub-platforms” contributes to brand building trust and equity. Western brands must take advantage of the middlemen’s credibility while establishing a foothold in China.

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