In the next five years, brands could be faster in moving spends from adtech to martech

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January 13, 2020, 7:51 AM UTC

ROI measurement can be replaced by content curation and marketing attribution.

This piece makes likely predictions for martech for the coming five years. Companies need to prioritise and weed out unnecessary tools to arrive at a “marketing spine” concept. It could replace the marketing stack philosophy as companies increasingly opt for intelligent marketing automation strategies.

Given consumer’s cynicism regarding social media platforms and their use of consumer data, marketers must expect a faster shifting of budgets from adtech to martech as they build operational compliance and trustworthiness.

Performance management could replace measuring ROI. This means content curation, marketing attribution, data privacy and more can replace ROI measurement. Merging marketing and sales operations will provide deeper insights and improve forecasting capability. For large companies, this merger could result in a centralised martech centre of excellence.

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