Employee Content Creation could be an as yet unexplored source of marketing

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January 13, 2020, 6:54 AM UTC

It can help companies address issues in recruiting, and employee engagement.

The author makes a case for Employee Created Content (ECC) being an untapped marketing source. ECC can potentially supply shareable content, or that which can be engaged with or integrated into local or channel-level relationship building efforts.

Employees can create consistent and original content when equipped with easy to use brand assets and templates. It also increases the engagement rate for a company. An ECC platform can bring together the creative efforts of influencers, employees, partners and customers. This unification can be translated into a content creation and sharing community.

Further, it can lead to developing vast libraries of shared content that can be syndicated in the future. ECC efforts not being time-intensive, can also help companies address more pressing efforts like employee engagement and recruiting.

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