Online brands should identify consumer return patterns to reduce product returns

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January 10, 2020, 3:58 PM UTC

30% of products ordered online get returned as compared to just 8.89% of physical stores.

Identifying product return trends and patterns such as quality, size or tech issues, can help brands take corrective measures and reduce the return of products. Creating a short survey for returns can further help marketers understand the reason for returns and take proactive steps to reduce it.

This piece recommends that brands should include size-info in their product description to help consumer gauge their requirements and reduce return rates. Including consumer reviews can further help marketer’s back up their claims and assist consumers with their purchase decisions.

High-quality images with multiple angles can enable consumers to assess the quality and feel of the product, which can decrease return rates. The author suggests that by improving product packaging with bubble wraps, brands can reduce product damage and, eventually, product-returns.

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