Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo edges out Bing in Google’s Android ‘choice screen’ search

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January 09, 2020, 5:17 PM UTC

Google will allow EU users to choose alternative default search engines in chrome.

Following a $5 billion fine from the antitrust ruling from the European Union last year, Google has launched a “fourth-price” auction system for the EU users. DuckDuckGo will be the most offered search engine choice for EU users, while Bing will be provided only in the UK.

The fourth-price bidding system provides users with search engine options from three highest bidders with the chosen provider paying the price of the fourth-highest bidder to Google. Also known as “choice screen”, it will be available to all EU citizens setting up new Android devices from the first of March.

The choice-based system might not reflect a search engines popularity in a particular country. Rival search providers have criticised Google’s auction system for alleged “monopolistic behaviour “.

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