LinkedIn ranks first as the most frequently appearing site for branded queries

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January 09, 2020, 2:26 AM UTC

It is followed by Facebook, Inc., Glassdoor and Crunchbase.

This article states that what appears on the first page of search results for a brand can be critical in defining its online reputation. For brands to better understand what ranks well, the author conducted a study analysing page one of search results for 500 companies’ brand names.

LinkedIn was found to be the most frequently appearing site on page one for 381 companies. Glassdoor ranks third, (and follows Facebook) appearing in search results of 230 companies. 199 of these companies have a rating that featured as a “rich snippet”.

Crunchbase appears in search listings for 26% of companies, making it a good place for brands to create a profile. The article recommends reviewing these websites and social properties, and developing individual plans to build robust pages and profiles.

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