Complement inbound marketing with paid advertising to tap new audiences

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January 08, 2020, 10:24 AM UTC

Avoid using “advertising” and “marketing” interchangeably.

This article states that advertising is a subset of marketing. The author argues that advertising involves creating and distributing content to spread awareness about a product or service. Marketing includes all facets of advertising, in addition to the research needed to serve these ads, competitively price the goods and monitor the effectiveness of all related efforts.

Inbound marketing aims to “naturally” attract audiences to a business using content, as against traditional advertising or outbound methods that can be intrusive. Hence, brands must use SEO to enhance their website’s visibility, use landing pages to generate leads, send emails and publish on social media.

Marketers should provide educational or entertaining content to all visitors regardless of them converting into customers. They must complement their inbound marketing efforts with paid advertising by retargeting prospects with valuable articles.

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