Advertisers must explore updating their martech stacks 

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January 08, 2020, 12:51 PM UTC

Brands can create their own attribution systems for accurate measurement of their marketing campaigns.

This piece argues that advertisers should prepare to update their martech stack with Google’s monopoly in the ad tech ecosystem being challenged by walled gardens like Amazon, Twitter and the likes. Also, companies that not only manage walled gardens but platforms across social, search and display, on behalf of advertisers are on the rise.

Marketers could add Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to their martech stack to effectively create a link between the data to their users. CDP can also help brands control consumer consent and personalisation better across various platforms including websites and social sites.

The author contends that with the limitations of ad servers, it is necessary for brands to build their own attribution systems. This shift from traditional methodology can help advertisers have better control over their campaign’s measurement and execution.

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