CMOs must focus on results-oriented approach and long-view branding projects in 2020

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January 07, 2020, 8:27 AM UTC

Marketers mustn’t abandon data-driven personalisation due to CCPA, instead rethink their approach.

This article anticipates changes in the marketing industry through 2020. Acoustic’s Norman Guadagno says that CMOs or their replacements must holistically understand marketing’s role in business, adapt consumer strategies and pitch leadership on winning more resources.

The author predicts a disruption in Google and Facebook’s market dominance, as Amazon creates a “new triopoly”. But, Effective Spend’s Brian Wulfe opines that despite increasing its number of ad placements, Amazon still has “a finite amount of inventory on its core website”.

Coming to CCPA, larger firms will be better resourced to address compliance, whereas smaller firms will have to adapt. It will be an event-heavy year for live TV owing to the presidential elections and Summer Olympics, prompting to a boost in ad spend.

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