Businesses can use predictive analysis to upsell and cross-sell via email campaigns

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January 07, 2020, 4:40 PM UTC

Sending timely email with predictive analysis can help marketers retain frequent customers.

Predictive analysis can help brands optimise email campaigns by leveraging data, creating customer segments and personalising emails. This piece suggests businesses can use the data generated from predictive analysis, like purchase history, to craft up-selling and cross-selling emails to drive sales.

Marketers can also use predictive analysis to send welcome emails with appropriate recommendations. However, brands should avoid up-selling or cross-selling full-priced expensive products to customers who buy only during sales or events, as it could deter them from purchasing.

Sending timely reminder emails can further help marketers encourage frequent consumers to return to the brand’s website. The article says that sending VIP discounts to frequent buyers can further help brands retain customers.

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