Brands should cautiously leverage AI, while balancing personalisation and privacy

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January 07, 2020, 1:51 PM UTC

Research found that 74% of users consider privacy more important than online experience.

This piece argues that though AI-powered digital assistants can target consumers with highly personalised ads, there has also been a rising concern among consumers for its “creepy” nature. While AI can monitor consumer journeys and create relevant product recommendations, marketers should carefully avoid violating consumer privacy.

To effectively balance between privacy and personalisation, brands should create relevant and timely triggered offers that don’t feel intrusive. According to Selligent, 52% of consumers are more inclined to change brands due to lack of personalised communication.

The author suggests brands can leverage “send-time” optimisation to send marketing messages and utilise real-time data for highly targeted offers. Focusing on customer experience along with AI can help marketers build a long-term relationship and balance between personalisation and privacy.

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