47% of “frustrated” respondents wouldn’t buy from brands after an unsatisfactory experience

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January 07, 2020, 12:34 PM UTC

Accenture polled 20,736 respondents.

An Accenture survey has found respondents to be “frustrated” if a recent shopping experience didn’t match their expectations and/or if they found any aspect of it frustrating. 42% of participants belonged to this group.

47% of this group of respondents would stop buying from those retailers or brands, indicating that a disappointing experience could damage brand loyalty. Simultaneously, another 47% of those polled showed willingness to pay more for experiences which exceeded their expectation every time.

Frustrated customers were twice as likely than satisfied ones to pay more for such experiences. Accenture’s Laura Gurski said that meeting or exceeding expectations calls for “a complete rethink”, and customers’ inclination to pay more opens up immense potential. The company’s head of retail practice, Jill Standish added that “hyper-convenient personalised digital experience” could replace traditional points-based programs.

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