Focus on natural language while optimising keywords for voice search

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January 06, 2020, 1:50 AM UTC

Use Google My Business to increase search volume for local businesses with voice. 

This article states that the widespread adoption of voice search technology has had an impact on internet usage and SEO. Voice technology follows everyday language; hence users can give commands in a natural, conversational way. Queries tend to be longer in spoken language, pushing marketers to optimise long-tail keywords popular with voice search.

Since Google Voice prioritises quick-loading websites, websites must be fully responsive, have proper image optimisation, file compression and reduced response time. The author says that consumers are thrice as likely to conduct local searches using voice, hence marketers should optimise for “near me” queries.

Google’s “Rich Answer Boxes” answer most voice searches and are shown at the top of result pages. Therefore, marketers must focus on structured data and schema markup to drive traffic.

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