Brands should shift from short-term clickbait strategies to long-term goal approaches in 2020

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January 02, 2020, 3:33 PM UTC

A CMO Survey found that CMOs spend 68.5% of their time “focusing on the present” and but only 31.5% planning for the future.

This piece argues that brands should revamp their marketing strategies and bid farewell to “short-termism” approaches like clickbait, discounts-driven tactics. Marketers should look for a more sustainable, clickbait-free strategy to enhance the business’s long-term growth.

Though clickbait-driven strategies help businesses make short-term gains, focusing on building the brand voice can lead to significant results in the future. Shifting towards a more robust brand messaging strategy can help with long-term benefits, while also improving the customer-brand perceptions.

The author contends that brands should take a consumer-centric approach to digital marketing and build valuable customer relationships through effective messaging. Further, marketers should stop chasing short-term metrics and start focusing on long-term goals like brand equity and customer lifetime value.

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