50% of Americans don’t trust Facebook’s ability to protect their data on its dating platform

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January 02, 2020, 9:13 AM UTC

Piplsay polled 21,242 Americans on their thoughts about Facebook Dating.

Facebook had launched its Facebook Dating platform for US users in September 2019, utilising its advanced data to facilitate “better matches”. However, there are concerns regarding Facebook Dating, particularly with regard to data security and privacy.

According to a study by Piplsay, 50% of respondents said they didn’t trust Facebook to safeguard their personal data on its dating platform, 27% were “not sure”. 67% of Americans are unaware of the social networking giant’s dating feature.

Further, about 82% of respondents who know about this platform are “not interested” in using it. 37% of men were hopeful of “finding better dates” as against 20% of women.

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