Publishers should consider using consent management platforms to keep track of visitors opting out

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December 31, 2019, 12:15 PM UTC

An alternative supply-side partner can help brands make limited yet effective use of consumer data.

With the rising regulations around data governance, it is becoming more complicated for brands to deliver targeted ads. This piece argues that publishers should use consent management platforms to keep a track of visitors who have placed restrictions on their data.

As more people opt-out for targeted ads, more publishers are expected to use contextual ads. The article states that advertisers would need an alternative supply-side partner other than Google, in case they want to auction ads for users under the IAB’s Framework.

Even with California’s data laws in force, advertisers can still use data to tailor ads to deliver personalised ads to users who have opted out. The law makes a distinction between opting out of the sale of personal data and opting-out of interest-based advertising.

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