B2B marketers should use educational and highly targeted content to attract the mid-funnel prospects

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December 31, 2019, 5:59 AM UTC

Highlighting case studies can help businesses build credibility and showcase the ROI achieved for clients.

This piece recommends marketers should create content that helps mid-funnel prospects to evaluate the brand and distinguish the organisation from its competitors. Creating persuasive, educational and highly targeted content, while addressing the specific issues of segmented groups can help B2B marketers guide prospects through the funnel to conversion.

Businesses can also create tailored newsletters based on the needs and interests of mid-funnel customers. Offering eBooks and case studies can help educate B2B customers, who are looking to understand the business processes and evaluate the company’s standpoint.

The author suggests that as B2B sales is a long-term process, marketers should keep on varying the content. But brands should work on building credibility while demonstrating that they understand customer pain points.

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