Voice technology could “revolutionise” the sales process 2020 onwards

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December 30, 2019, 6:06 AM UTC

Reusable APIs and integrations will simplify plugging in new services, ensuring seamless customer experiences.

This article forecasts trends in customer relationship management for 2020. The author states that since only 28% of marketers are “completely satisfied with their ability to create a shared, single view of customers across business units”, an increase in investment and innovation to resolve customer identity is anticipated.

The article forecasts “shopping at the edge” of traditional spheres with the emergence of several digital touchpoints. This means, a store will reach consumers through digital purchase points like voice, social media, gaming consoles and more.

Further, the existing technology of speech recognition and natural language processing will facilitate businesses to expand the use of voice technology into sales relationships. Customer service will radically transform through the use of AI-powered chatbots that will scale support and reduce agents’ workload.

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