Going ahead, marketers will need to rethink data gathering and storing

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December 30, 2019, 6:42 AM UTC

They must also evaluate the goals of any investments being made in acquiring new technologies.

The author argues that on one hand marketers are gathering more customer data than ever to deliver personalisation using AI or martech or CRM, and on another hand, consumer trust has been slipping. According to Gartner’s Charles Golvin, one third of all PR disasters in 2023 will be caused by data ethics failures.

In such a scenario, ethical gathering and storing of data assumes importance. This will require rethinking data application, revision of data application guidelines and revaluating data collection and usage goals.

Achieving customer-centricity will mean deliberating the goals of technology investments and any resultant negative impact from it. For marketers debating adopting new technologies, the author suggests asking themselves, “What makes this [investment/ technology/ platform/ tactic] worth fragmenting the customer experience?”

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