Brands should leverage Instagram Stories to promote live events

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December 30, 2019, 1:06 PM UTC

Highlighting testimonials from event attendees on Instagram stories can help businesses earn customer trust.

This piece recommends marketers should utilise Instagram stories to promote their live events. Apart from creating and using branded Instagram graphics and collateral before an event, they should use clear CTAs and timestamps to avoid any potential confusion.  Companies can also create multiple slides based on the theme of the event.

 Brands should capture and post five types of footage from the live event while highlighting the main attraction, engagement prompts, behind-the-scenes and audience reactions. Marketers can also include a participation element in their Stories to build a custom audience that can be used later for retargeting ad purposes. a

The author suggests that brands should repost tagged stories from event attendees. It can help marketers generate engagement, earn credibility and increase awareness around the current and future events hosted by the brand.

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