The ability to go viral in the digital world may not increase brand loyalty

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December 30, 2019, 9:24 AM UTC

Today’s advertising messages are “short-lived and disposable”.

This article argues that the existence of Google, Facebook, large consulting firms, mobiles, shrinking attention spans, digital platforms and data is changing the way brands communicate with customers. The author opines that advertising today has become generic as a result of “lazy thinking”.

Digital advancements have made short-term marketing spend easier to measure, thus shifting the focus away from long-term brand ideas. Presently, advertising messages have become “single use creations”. Further, “digital, data and devices” have overtaken the need for “creative, memorable, persuasive and consistent advertising” in brand building.

“Clicks” and “views” have become the new metrics and while going viral increases viewership, it may not reinforce brand loyalty. The author adds that the digital age is making sustainable ad campaigns that reiterate loyalty a “thing of the past”.

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