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More than 300 people were surveyed to learn what led consumers to engage with Black Friday adverts.

With online purchases reaching $7.4 billion in this year’s Black Friday, this piece looks at how consumers reacted to Black Friday ads. While 61% of survey respondents said they engaged with an online ad, 23% among them also purchased something after clicking on an ad. However, 39% of consumers ignored Black Friday ads.

The study found that 62% of consumers found promotions on social media. Non-social media sites were also successful, with 38% of users saying they clicked on those ads. 32% of consumers also clicked on ads shown in marketing emails.

Though in-store foot traffic dropped 6% lower than 2018, purchases rose by 4.2%. But, 54% of consumers said that they went to a physical store on Black Friday after seeing a sales ad.

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