YouTube Studio makes it easier for creators to address copyright claims

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December 27, 2019, 1:59 AM UTC

With adjustable endpoints, creators can trim specific portions from a video.

YouTube recently updated their Studio Dashboard enabling creators to address copyright disputes directly through their digital back-end workspace. It introduced the “Assisted Trim” option, using which creators can trim out the claimed portion.

Google’s product blog says that this feature has “endpoints of the edit pre-set to where the claimed content appears in the video”. YouTube’s policy update from July stated that copyright owners had to pinpoint where the copyrighted material appeared in a video before reporting a case of infringement.

Creators can filter through their video feeds within Studio to get an easy view of the videos hit with copyright claims. The blog adds that the company is offering more transparency by providing the specific descriptions of the copyrighted work by the claimant in the takedown notice.

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