Transcribing podcasts can help brands improve website traffic by 15%

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December 27, 2019, 10:49 AM UTC

Podcast transcriptions can also help brands reach out to people with hearing impairments.

This piece recommends marketers should transcribe their podcasts and make them available on the brand website. It will not only give them additional content for the site but can also improve the website’s organic traffic by 15%. Further, podcast transcription can provide a “50% increase to some keyword lift around the keywords” that the business is tracking.

Though Google is now indexing podcasts, transcribing them can help companies also attract people with hearing disabilities. However, marketers should optimise the content with proper H1 tags, relevant schema and crucial keywords in the metadata.

The author suggests that brands should make sure that the page with podcast transcription is indexed in Search Console. Businesses should also keep track of changes by annotating them in  Google Analytics.

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