Marketers should subscribe to their own emails to audit their subscription processes

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December 27, 2019, 5:05 PM UTC

Automating certain processes can help brands save time from manually pulling data.

This piece suggests marketers should subscribe to their brand’s email program and audit their subscription process at least once a year. Designating representatives from other departments to take part in the annual audit can help further identify gaps in the campaigns and the consumer journey.

Marketers should look out for available API integrations to automate certain processes and increase the overall speed. Instead of manually pulling out data from one source to another, automating processes can help brands eliminate the need for operating on multiple platforms.

The author suggests marketers should also involve a finite number of stakeholders from other teams in the testing process to get fresh perspectives. But they should establish a clear hypothesis with measurable KPIs to create learning opportunities that can be shared across teams.  

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