Ensure visual content is relevant and doesn’t only lend to shock-value

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December 27, 2019, 1:48 AM UTC

Feature an image with the headline as people process images faster than text alone.

This article argues that a brand’s content marketing efforts should include visuals because given the information overload on the internet, text-based content garners lesser attention. Since users may not pursue a piece of content for more than 30 seconds, the author recommends using visual content to grab their attention.

Brands should start by choosing a format and the right channel for it. Graphics should be combined with text, as they help in engaging audiences, and also make content shareable across social media and apt for online ads.

Marketers should ensure the visuals align with their brand image. Such visual content should be relevant and not just lend to shock-value. Marketers should track their visual content campaigns to measure their effectiveness on the target audience.

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