Digital privacy will be viewed as a “human right” in 2020

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December 27, 2019, 2:25 AM UTC

Globally, governments will tackle issues stemming from advanced technologies, like facial recognition.

The author opines that 2020 will see a “profound shift” as private citizens will start demanding anonymity online and work with policymakers to modify laws pertaining to privacy. The author predicts that ecommerce giants will have to improve transparency around their privacy practices to avoid lawsuits and dissatisfaction from consumers.

Tech giants will prioritise consumer privacy and compete with each other to offer the best privacy features. The US is expected to see more debate about the federal Online Privacy Act, which may create a new “Digital Privacy Agency” for the enforcement of privacy rights.

CCPA could rival GDPR in terms of what it demands from organisations. In 2020, privacy will be discussed as vehemently as climate change and healthcare, and be seen as a “human right”.

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