Consumers are often sceptical of brands’ position on societal issues

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December 26, 2019, 12:02 PM UTC

Contrarily, four-fifths of consumers believe companies should help improve the environment.

This article recaps 2019’s sustainability trend. Nielsen’s Julia Wilson says that there has been a bigger inclination towards “visible and emotional sustainability” as brands take a stand on social and political issues along with a commitment towards eliminating waste.

An Edelman survey revealed that over 50% of consumers believe a brand’s stance on societal issues to be a “marketing ploy rather than evidence of genuine conviction”. Edelman’s Michelle Hutton advises brands to first address considerations of quality, convenience, value and ingredients, before exploring social purpose.

Toms explores “effective media buying with purpose attached”, where it incorporates an ethical ad player in an existing video. If a viewer watches 15 seconds of the ad, they get a list of three charities they can make a donation to.

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