Create Facebook video ads which can work without dialogues

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December 24, 2019, 6:11 AM UTC

For immediate impact, begin the video with questions or “shocking statements” alongside visuals.

This article states that Facebook users watch videos silently from their news feed, thus making brands compete in a “soundless, auto-play” environment. Hence, the author recommends marketers to create scripts which can work with or without dialogues.

Brands should choose high-contrast images with bold visuals that don’t get confused with the regular video content. Further, they should A/B test the placement of their call-to-action to determine the one with best results. Since viewers may not watch the video till the end, marketers should frontload their discounts or offers.

They should also use subtitles as they upload a video, or edit Facebook’s automatic captioning for accuracy. In-stream videos should be within the five-to-15 second range, whereas standalone ads should be less than 15 seconds.

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