Audio usage in social media stories may rise in 2020

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December 24, 2019, 1:26 AM UTC

Focus on audio’s relationship with other senses to “smoothen the delivery of the message”.

Predicting the audio marketing trends of 2020, the author says that audio in social media stories will see an uptick. Facebook’s study confirms that 80% of stories with music or voice-overs show better lower-funnel results than silent ads.

The author predicts that brands who’ve turned their offerings from “a scripted punchline into an instrument for the listening experience” will gain popularity. Further, crystallising audience segmentation based on their activities could boost audio advertising.

While branded podcasts tell stories driven by themes and causes a company wants to address, smart speakers will be used “didactically”, as they allow direct two-way interactions. Further, combining data with creativity will result in success if marketers understand how in-tune their audio is with the brand identity at every touchpoint.

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