Crisis management teams must align the company’s official response to the crisis’ severity

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December 23, 2019, 2:13 AM UTC

They could prepare their various stakeholders for the “new normal” after a crisis.

This article suggests ways for the effective handling of crises. The author recommends aligning a brand’s official response with the severity of the crisis.

Host official video responses on a dedicated website which also carries information answering stakeholder’s questions, messages off of the company’s social media pages and more. In a case where a company spokesperson may be coming across as aloof, mechanical or unsympathetic, executives could find them a channel that suits them or could replace them with a different, better-suited spokesperson.  

The piece recommends preparing internal and external stakeholders for life after the crisis. Communicators must share what the crisis has taught them, the changes that may be coming, and the impact of them on the workforce and company itself.  

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