Building diverse teams can help brands recognise shared cultures and better understand people

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December 23, 2019, 5:12 PM UTC

Addressing common values between brands and people allows marketers to gather a wider range of perspectives.

Creating diverse teams in terms of race, gender and demographics help brands address the difference in values between marketing professionals and the general population. Businesses can address issues raised by cultural differences by structuring their businesses to reflect the wider society.

A cited research highlights people share fundamental morals like care/harm, fairness and reciprocity. Though only 18% of the industry group focused on ethics like loyalty, 33% of the general population considered loyalty as an important factor when deciding something is right or wrong.

The author suggests that focusing on the common community values like loyalty can help further businesses address cultural differences. Brands should strive to be more customer-centric to understand consumers and effectively reach out to them.

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