Mixing up in-store and online shopping offerings can help retailers amp up their holiday sales

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December 20, 2019, 4:20 PM UTC

Personalising holiday email campaigns with individual recommendations can increase conversions.

This piece recommends marketers should offer a combination of both online and offline shopping experiences to effectively reach out to their prospects. Giving customers an option to collect packages from pick-up points can provide retailers with an edge over their online counterparts.

Marketers should create personalised holiday marketing campaigns with time-based messaging to attract potential consumers. Creating time-based scarcity messages in emails, websites banners and social media can help brands attract last-minute holiday shoppers.

The author suggests that businesses should optimise their websites’ mobile page loading time as mobile traffic during the holiday season generally spikes up. Marketers can also create personalised holiday email campaigns with first names and product recommendations to enhance conversion rates.

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