Buying teams must be engaged for them to qualify as leads

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December 20, 2019, 1:56 AM UTC

For ABM, leverage intent and behavioural data to identify extra active buying centers.

In this article, the author advises how B2B companies can bridge certain performance gaps in account based marketing (ABM). Once the buying team in an account has been identified, they need to be engaged to qualify as leads.

To address this, contact-level intent data must be ported to conversational marketing tools like Conversica. To better document the presence of an opportunity, sales and marketing teams are leveraging intent and behavioural data to highlight extra active buying centers inside accounts.

This information helps close gaps between “how marketing sees demand and how sales teams are deployed and incentivised”. The success of account revenue maximisation efforts depend on how well a team understands and manages the sentiments and needs of the people on the account.  

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