Improve targeting, value customer privacy to build consumer trust

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December 19, 2019, 2:31 AM UTC

Ensure compliance to guidelines and regulations as well.

This piece suggests steps that companies can follow to improve or build consumer trust. The article provides that as per a study, 83% of Americans consider a company’s ads “following” them online as “creepy or annoying”. A different survey revealed that only 41% of US consumers actually trust companies to protect their data.

As per Acoustic’s CEO, Mark Simpson, the marketing that’s effective in the long term is the kind that treats customer trust and privacy as paramount. To ensure consistent compliance with regulations and guidelines, marketers need to collaborate with legal, compliance and IT departments.

For consumers to be more likely to share their data, brands must look to provide additional value. The article also recommends improving targeting as while people do value their privacy, they expect personalisation as well.    

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