AR and VR in B2B will enable buyers to virtually try correct products

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December 19, 2019, 2:36 AM UTC

B2B will see an upsurge in marketplaces offering customised experiences.

This article lists predictions for 2020 for the B2B ecommerce industry. With the initial struggles of voice recognition technology resolved and its gradual adoption in B2B, a significant growth in voice commerce is expected next year.

Using voice technology, businesses will be able to streamline their order and fulfilment process. Forecasting a rise in predictive commerce experiences, the author opines that customers can be offered fully-customised product catalogues which are tailored to their current and projected needs.

While augmented reality and virtual reality may not be as relevant to B2B businesses, 2020 is expected to help buyers virtually identify and try the right products. 2020 will also see the advent of progressive web apps (PWAs) enabling websites to dynamically rewrite their page for better online experiences.

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