Applying countdown sticker in the Instagram stories can help businesses drive ecommerce sales

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December 19, 2019, 4:54 PM UTC

Since 72% of users have purchased something after seeing it on Instagram, brands can capitalise on this ephemeral content format.  

Instagram stories, which are transitory and short-lived, can help businesses effectively promote their products and increase user engagement. Businesses can use the countdown sticker on Instagram stories to leverage the FOMO factor and encourage audiences to take action.

Brands can also use the countdown sticker to promote an upcoming sale or event. The author suggests companies can use features like product stickers combined with swipe up link to educate audiences about their products and steer them to the brand websites.

Adding a question sticker to Instagram stories can further enable marketers to start a conversation and understand their followers better. Promoting ads with carousel ads feature on Instagram stories can further help companies effectively reach new customers and increase conversions.

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