Use “key moments” and “suggested clips” to optimise videos for Google

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December 18, 2019, 10:13 AM UTC

Adding closed-caption files deliver textual transcripts of videos, which improves SEO ranking and engagement.

This article recommends ways for brands to use video SEO to increase views from Google and drive organic traffic to a website. In order to rank a YouTube video on Google, marketers must identify topics with “traffic potential”. Further, the topic should have a “video intent”, meaning that searchers should prefer watching a video on the topic instead of reading.

Marketers should also use Google SERP features like “key moments” and “suggested clips”. Search engines are more likely to reflect the “key moments” for videos if they are timestamped and labelled correctly in the YouTube description.

Brands must fix their closed captions, since YouTube’s auto-generated ones are often erroneous. Additionally, marketers should create aesthetic and visually-relevant thumbnails that answer the viewer’s query.

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