86% of B2B professionals consider LinkedIn as the most trusted social media channel

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December 18, 2019, 5:34 PM UTC

B2B professionals across industries found Facebook to be the second most used social media platform.

This piece states that with nine billion content impressions from three million users, LinkedIn is found to be the most used social media platform among B2B professionals. However, 73% of B2B professionals consider Facebook as the second most used social media platform.

Twitter and YouTube were the third and fourth most used social channels among B2B professionals. Marketers also reported greater ROIs from paid social media campaigns. However, they prefer LinkedIn more as the platform provides users with the opportunity to target their prospects intricately.

The article further revealed that retargeting and paid social advertising were among the top marketing trends for 2020. Influencer marketing and video marketing were also trending B2B marketing strategies for 2020.

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