62% of respondents think it is “unethical” for influencers to promote products they don’t use

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December 18, 2019, 7:32 AM UTC

The report surveyed 1009 US people familiar with various types of influencers.

This article cites an Influence.co study stating that 62% of respondents find it unethical for influencers to promote products they don’t use themselves. Further, about 78% respondents think it is appropriate for influencers to share their own merchandise on social media.

Nearly 82% want influencers to disclose their history of personal use when sharing a product or service on social media. 77% say that they must disclose any possible side effects of the product.

The other categories for disclosure include candid feelings of the product, if the promotion is paid, and more. The report also reveals that 76% of respondents will unfollow an influencer on the basis of a personal scandal, and 74% will do so if the posting frequency is too high.

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