92% of consumers won’t trust a website with unfamiliar payment methods

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December 16, 2019, 1:49 AM UTC

47% of those surveyed trust brands with consistent social media activity.

This piece cities Reboot SEO’s survey which highlights a variety of factors that lead to visitors abandoning a website due to lack of trust. These factors include absence of social media activity by the brand, language used on the site and lack of reviews among others.

The report revealed that for 47% of respondents, a company’s consistent social media activity is a key feature in them trusting a site. Another 45% of participants won’t use a site with an inactive social media page.

Further, websites with unfamiliar payment methods won’t be trusted by 92% of respondents. Incorrect grammar and wording on a site will be a cause of concern for 56% of those polled. Pop-up advertisements are another crucial element that makes users lose trust from a website.

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