Social media is changing art and design criticism

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December 12, 2019, 12:59 PM UTC

Brands must be “authentic” in order to be relevant on social media.

Highlighting social media’s impact on creativity over 2019, this article states that social channels have given new voices and stories a platform. They have been instrumental in changing art and design criticism by encouraging different ways of discussing artworks.

2019 saw new social channels like TikTok, Facebook’s consolidating its offerings and Instagram being the channel of choice for creatives. On asking how design could improve social’s future, Anub Jai, co-founder of Superflux said that social media needs an “antidote to all the shouting, manipulation and extremity”, perhaps, in the form of “slow social media”.

The author says that brands are recognising the value of those with smaller, yet more loyal followers. But, they must be wary of “jumping on bandwagons”, and understand what value they derive from where they appear.

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