User data when combined with contextual information is a powerful targeting tool

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December 11, 2019, 8:31 AM UTC

A thoughtful combination can drive higher engagement for buyers and yields for publishers.

This article states audience awareness and concern about “hyper-personalised” targeting in the aftermath of GDPR’s implementation, signals an imminent shift towards contextual targeting. Brands can combine user data with contextual information for effective customer targeting.

Context is becoming crucial for brand safety. Businesses must offer content similar in theme and quality to whatever content that the audience is consuming to get a higher level of attention from them. Brands are likely to be received better by the audience if they focus on these essential factors.

While some buyers rely on URL of videos for context, the method is not always exact, and other brands offer features that analyse the automated transcription of a video. Brands need the right interpretation of video content to get higher user engagement.

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